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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

A Manly Man (Bass: Elephant from Carnival of the Animals)

A Manly Man
By Richard Perlmutter

Oh who do girls idolize and who do they chase  
A dynamo    
Who steals the show    
Whose voice is low    
A manly man  
A bass  
And what do guys envy ’cause it brings down the place
You’re safe to assume    
It’s my sonic boom    
A manly man bass  
When I step up on the stage to pipe out a note
We await that mighty sound from deep in his throat
Then he begins to croon
And we begin to swoon
I’m so manly  

Oh no one cares much about the nose on his face
What wins him hoards      
Of big awards
My vocal chords
A manly man
A bass
He’s burly, he’s surly  
And yes listen to his voice
Nobody calls me girly      
He’s a manly man
A bass