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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Where Oh Where (Clarinet & Oboe: Funeral March of Marionette)

Where Oh Where
By Richard Perlmutter

Oh where oh where is the clarinet
I hear it but haven’t seen it yet
It sounds so sweet but from my seat
I just can’t see it there in the orchestra
Where oh where is that clarinet
I know it’s there I would make a bet  
It’s playing and I keep praying
That maybe soon I will see it  
Gee I wish I knew what to do
’Cause all I see from my point of view  
Are rows of old violins      
And too many chins      
But no clarinet so conductor    
Where oh where is the clarinet
You know I’m starting to get upset      
I paid good dough to see that horn blow  
But the clarinet still is hiding  
When the oboe plays I don’t care
Let the cello stay in its chair
You can have your trombone
It’s way overblown
Just once and for all can’t you show me
Where oh where is the clarinet
Oh please conductor why can’t you let
Him stand in front, then I’ll end my hunt
And we’ll all see that clarinet
You can make him the star
He won’t have to go far
To the front of the stage  
Get him out of his cage
You can do it right now
Let him just take one bow