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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Mozart Makes Kids Smart

Music: Alla Turca (from Sonata K. 331) W. A. Mozart
Lyrics: Richard Perlmutter

Mom and dad today
Want an easy way
To increase intelligence in children so I say
Mozart makes kids smart, so play it smart, play Mozart every day

Parents I am right
You will see the light
You can make an average little nipper erudite
Mozart makes kids smart, so play it smart, play Mozart every night

There is evidence and even proof
Kid’s IQ’s skyrocket thru the roof
They hear Mozart and they never fail
To get into Harvard and to Yale

Take a tip from me
Experts all agree
If you want your progeny to be a prodigy
Mozart makes kids smart, so go play Mozart endlessly

Mozart makes kids smart as any tack
Yours will be a real braniac
So sagacious, sapient and wise
Then grow up to win a Nobel prize

This is tried and true
It’ll work for you
Any little kid can be a genius PDQ
Mozart makes kids smart, and I play Mozart, you should too

Don’t delay, go and play some Mozart notice the effect how
Every note that he wrote will brighten up a little mind
Instantly kids can be the baby Einsteins we expect now
Did you know with more Mozart there’d be no child left behind

Left behind, hind, never let child get behind
Go play Mozart now
Be kind, kind, terrible to waste a child’s mind
So go play Mozart

Here comes the brain (brain)
You can get the gain without the pain
Go play Mozart now

You kids too
Tell your parents it’s the thing to do
Go play Mozart now
Go get smart. Mozart is smart. So go and play Mozart.