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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Don't Play That Violin (Violin Concerto #2, Paganini)

Don’t Play That Violin
By Richard Perlmutter

If you ever meet the man named Paganini

An old man who carries an old violin
And he asks if you'd like to try that old instrument

Careful! Do not put it under your chin!
That old Paganini's been playing that violin

For over 200 years every day
And goodness knows there is just one way that he can stop

Find someone else who will take it and play.
Do not play that violin

Do not draw it near your chin
Do not give in. Don't begin. You can't win
You won't be able to stop
It's haunting and sweet (Don't play)

To try it's a treat (Don't play)

But take my advice (Don't play)

Or you'll pay the price (Don't play)
You will pay the price (Don't play)

It might not be nice (Don't play, Obey don't play!)
You'll be sorry
So that is the story of old Paganini

Believe it or not here's a warning to you

Watch out if you see him do not play his violin

Or it's the last thing that you'll ever do
So don't play. No. Don't play or else you'll pay
You'll pay and you'll pay 

’Cause you'll play and you'll play

If you play you'll pay!