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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Dvorak the Czechoslovak (Humoresque #7, Dvorak)

Dvorak The Czechoslovak
By Richard Perlmutter

Here’s the story of Dvorak
He’s the famous Czechoslovak
Who sat down to write a song one day
But he needed inspiration
So Dvorak left his nation
He went to the USA
First he worked in New York City
On a faculty committee
Of a musical academy
Then for summer holiday
He went to Spillville, Iowa
The year was 1893
Here is this new land
Glorious and grand
Beautiful music filled the air
But to ramble and roam
So far from his home
Made Dvorak want to go back there
So the story of Dvorak
Ends up when that Czechoslovak
Got back home and sat down at his desk
Traveling what had transpired
Musically he’d been inspired
So he wrote this song called Humoresque