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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Beethoven's Wig (5th Symphony, Beethoven)

Beethoven’s Wig
By Richard Perlmutter

Beethoven's Wig is very big

Beethoven's wig is long and curly and it's white

Beethoven takes his wig off when he sleeps at night

Because it's big 

It's very big 

Beethoven's wig is big 

It's really big

Beethoven's wig is heavy when he takes a walk

His wig is even bigger than the wig of Bach

It is tremendous it is stupendous

It is gigantic and titanic

Monumental and colossal 

And enormous and humongous

Cause it's big it's really big

It's very big it's mighty big Beethoven's Wig

It's oh so wide you'll need a guide 

To see each side it's really big

It's grandiose don't get too close you'll overdose

Because it's big. Big!

Beethoven's Wig is big!
It's stylish and it's handsome

It costs a small king's ransom

Five hundred bucks and then some

But the hair's so long and flowing

That the wig seems like it's growing

And it keeps his face from showing

Poor Beethoven's wig needs mowing

’Cause Beethoven's wig is big
Beethoven's wig is very big it's oh so big 

It's filled with goo it's such a problem to shampoo

It's really very, very big

Beethoven's wig is very big, it's awful big

It's such a mess it even has it's own address

Beethoven's wig

It's such a mop he should stop at the barbershop

It's way too big

His mother called she said he would look better bald

Because it's big it's very big. Beethoven's wig!