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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Just For Elise (Fur Elise, Beethoven)

Just For Elise
By Richard Perlmutter

Here’s a short Beethoven piano piece
He wrote this piece just for Elise
It’s all about a fellow named Maurice
Who came from Greece with a valise
Maurice loved Beethoven’s piano piece
He loved this piece more than Eiise
And nobody could keep it from Maurice
He fleeced Elise and took her piece
He did her wrong he took her song
It’s all he cared for all along
And when Elise saw that Maurice
Had fleeced her piece she called the police
They found the piece in the valise
They all went to the Justice of the Peace
Who sent Maurice right back to Greece
It was all right to her delight
Elise can play her piece all night
And if you hear Beethoven’s piece
Played by your nephew or your niece
Nephew or niece perform this piece
Please tell them to remember that this piece
This little piece is for Elise