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Beethoven’s Wigfeaturing Richard Perlmutter

Bonus Track Beep Beep Beep (Moonlight Sonata)

Beep Beep Beep
By Richard Perlmutter

One night while driving my car in the moonlight
I got to a corner and stopped at a red light
But then something happened I had not foreseen
I waited but that light just wouldn’t turn green
The lady behind me she honked at me (Beep beep beep)
Just a short toot I let it be (Beep beep beep)
But I wondered when (Beep) she honked once again (Beep)
What’s her problem then (Beep beep beep)
Then a second car right on cue (Beep beep beep)
Joined in and started honking too (Beep beep beep)
Two cars honking me (Beep) Very (Beep) Loudly (Beep)
But what could I do (Beep)
I was stuck there too (Beep)
Those cars had to know (Beep)
That I couldn’t go (Beep)
Still one more horn began to blow (Beep beep…)
Now my patience was wearing thin (Beep beep…)
Though I couldn’t win I said come what may
And I honked and jumped in the fray (Beep beep…)
We honked at that light (Beep beep)
And I thought we might keep it up all night (Beep)
When I heard a horn from the rear (Beep beep beep)
And I took a look in my mirror (Beep beep beep)
At the end of that line of cars (Beep beep beep)
All lit up underneath the stars (Beep beep beep)
Was a trucker I could have sworn (Beep beep beep)
Playing Beethoven on his horn (Beep beep beep)
We sat silently he played that melody
Under the spell of quite
Beautiful moonlight that night (Beep beep beep)